Christian Denominations 2024

Anglican Diocese of Quebec 2024

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Quebec City      (1)    (2)     (3)     (4)     360     360/
Churches     (1)      (2)
St. James Church, Port Daniel West, Quebec
St. Paul Church, Shigawake, Quebec
Holy Trinity Church, Grosse-Île, Quebec
All Saints Memorial Church, Magdalen Islands, Quebec
St. Andrew Church, New Carlisle , Quebec
St. Mary Magdelene Church, New Richmond, Quebec
St. James Church, Gaspé, Quebec
St. Paul Church, Gaspé, Quebec
St. Paul Church, Gaspé, Quebec
St. Peter Church, St. Georges-de-Malbaie, Quebec
St. Matthew Church, Gaspé, Quebec
St. Paul Church, Percé, Quebec
St. John and St. Philip Church, Gaspé, Quebec
St. Andrew Church, Gaspé, Quebec
St. Peter Church, Gaspé, Quebec
St. Luke Church, Perce, Quebec
St. Andrew & St. George Church, Baie-Comeau, Quebec
St. Paul the Apostle Church, St. Paul's River, Quebec
St. Christopher Church, Duplessis, Quebec
St. Peter Church, Duplessis, Quebec
St. Augustine Church, Duplessis, Quebec
Christ Church, Harrington Harbour, Quebec
St. Clements Church, Mutton Bay, Quebec
St. Michael Church, Chevery, Quebec
St. Philip Church, Kegaska, Quebec
St. Andrew Church, La Tabatiere, Quebec
St. John Church, Kawawachikamach, Quebec
All Saints Church, Sept-Îles, Quebec
Tous les Saints Church, Quebec , Quebec
St. James Church, Trois-Rivières, Quebec
St. John the Divine Church, Thetford Mines , Quebec
All Saints Church, St. Hermenegilde, Quebec
St. Stephen Church, Coaticook, Quebec
St. George Church, Ayer's Cliff, Quebec
St. Matthias Church, Fitch Bay, Quebec
St. James Church, Hatley, Quebec
Christ Church, Stanstead, Quebec
Epiphany Church, Ayer's Cliff, Quebec
Advent Church, Sherbrooke , Quebec
St. George Church, Georgeville, Quebec
St. George's Lennoxville Church, Sherbrooke, Quebec
St. Barnabas Church, North Hatley, Quebec
Christ Church, North Hatley, Quebec
St. John Church, Waterville , Quebec
St. Paul Church, St-Felix-de-Kingsey, Quebec
St. Anne Church, Richmond, Quebec
St. Agustine Church, Danville, Quebec
Holy Trinity Church, Richmond, Quebec
Holy Trinity Church, Ulverton, Quebec
St. George Drummondville Church, Drummondville, Quebec
St. Peter Church, Cookshire, Quebec
St. John Church, Bury, Quebec
St. Paul Church, Bury, Quebec
St. Mark's Chapel Church, Sherbrooke, Quebec
St. Paul Church, St-Simon-les-Mines, Quebec
St. Bartholomew Church, Bourg Louis, Quebec
St. James the Apostle Church, Cacouna , Quebec
St. Bartholomew Church, Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec
St. George Church, Métis Beach, Quebec
St. John the Evangelist Church, Portneuf, Quebec
St Peter-on-the-Rock Church, Cap a l'Aigle, Quebec
St. Paul Church, St-Malachie, Quebec
St. Michael Church, Quebec, Quebec
Trinity Church, Quebec, Quebec
St. Peter Church, Stoneham, Quebec
Christ Church, Valcartier , Quebec
Ascension Church, Inverness, Quebec
St. Mark Church, Kinnear's Mills , Quebec
Christ Church, St. Jean de Brebeuf, Quebec
Holy Trinity Church, Irlande, Quebec
St.Mary's Chapel Church, Sainte-Pétronille, Quebec
St. James Church, St-Jacques-de-Leeds, Quebec
St. Mark's Church, Acton Vale, Quebec