Christian Denominations 2024

Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham 2024

Birmingham Congregation      (1)
Bournemouth Congregation      (1)
Bristol Congregation
Buckfast Congregation
Cambridge Congregation
Chelmsford Congregation
Chichester Congregation
Colchester Congregation
Cornwall Congregation
Coventry Congregation
Croydon Congregation
Darlington Congregation
Deal Congregation
Derby and Nottingham Congregation
Dover Congregation
Eastbourne Congregation
Edinburgh Congregation
Exeter Congregation
Harlow Congregation
Hemel Hempstead Congregation
Hereford and Worcester Congregation
Inverness Congregation
Isle of Wight Congregation
Leicestershire Congregation
London (Central) Congregation
London (Leytonstone) Congregation
London (South) Congregation
London (Walthamstow) Congregation
Maidstone Congregation
Manchester Congregation
Nairn Congregation
Northampton Congregation
Nottingham and Derby Congregation
Oxford Congregation
Plymouth Congregation
Portsmouth Congregation
Ramsgate Congregation
Reading Congregation
Salisbury (Sarum) Congregation
Sevenoaks Congregation
Sheffield Congregation
Southend Congregation
Stornoway Congregation
Torbay Congregation
Tunbridge Wells Congregation
Wales (South East) Congregation
Walsingham Congregation
Whithorn & The Machars Congregation
York Congregation
Bishop David Waller     (1)    (2)     (3)    (4)