Christian Denominations 2024

Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island 2022

Diocese of Rhode Island      (1)    (2)     (3)
St. John Episcopal Cathedral, Providence    (1)    (2)      (3)    (4)    360
Churches      (1)    Deaneries
Central Deanery
St. Matthew & St. Mark Church (Barrington)
Church of the Epiphany (East Providence)
St. Mary’s Church (East Providence)
All Saints’ Memorial (Providence)
Grace Church (Providence)
St. Peter and St. Andrew Church (Providence)
St. Martin’s Church (Providence)
Church of the Redeemer (Providence)
St. James Church (North Providence)
St. Stephen’s Church (Providence)
St. Thomas Church (Greenville) Trinity (North Scituate)
West Bay Deanery
Church of the Ascension (Cranston)
St. David’s on the Hill Church (Cranston)
Transfiguration Church (Cranston)
Trinity Church (Cranston)
All Saints Church (Warwick)
St. Francis Church (Coventry)
St. Barnabas Church (Warwick)
St. Mark’s Church (Warwick)
Blackstone Deanery
Emmanuel Church (Cumberland)
St. George’s Church (Central Falls)
Christ Church (Lincoln)
St. Luke’s Church (Pawtucket)
Church of the Good Shepherd (Pawtucket)
St. Paul’s Church (Pawtucket)
St. James Church (Woonsocket)
Aquidneck Deanery
St. John’s Church (Barrington)
St. Michael’s Church (Bristol)
St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea Church (Little Compton)
Holy Cross Church (Middletown)
St. Columba’s Church (Middletown)
Emmanuel Church (Newport)
St. John’s Church (Newport)
Trinity Church (Newport)
St. Mary’s Church (Portsmouth)
St. Paul’s Church (Portsmouth)
Holy Trinity Church (Tiverton)
St. Matthew’s Church (Jamestown)
Narragansett Deanery
St. Thomas Church (Alton)
St. Ann’s by-the-Sea Church (Block Island)
Holy Spirit Church (Charlestown)
St. Luke’s Church (East Greenwich)
St. Augustine’s Church (Kingston)
St. Elizabeth’s Church (Hope Valley)
St. Peter’s by-the-Sea Church (Narragansett)
Church of the Ascension (Wakefield)
Christ Church (Westerly)
St. Paul’s Church (N. Kingstown)
St. John the Divine Church (Saunderstown)
Bishop W. Nicholas Knisely     (1)    (2)     (3)     (4)