Christian Denominations 2024

Diocese of Viborg - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark 2022

Viborg Cathedral     (1)    (2)     (3)    360
Almind Parish
Asmild Parish
Daugbjerg Parish
Dollerup Parish
Finderup Parish
Fiskbæk Parish
Fly Parish
Gammelstrup Parish
Houlkaer Parish
Iglso Parish
Kvols Parish
Lysgard Parish
Mønsted Parish
Ravnstrup Parish
Resen Parish
Romlund Parish
Sjorslev Parish
Smollerup Parish
Sparkaer Parish
Stoholm Parish
Sønder Rind Parish
Søndermark Parish
Søndre Parish
Tapdrup Parish
Tarup Parish
Vestervang Parish
Viborg Dom Parish
Angle Parish
Vorde Parish
Vridsted Parish
Vroue Parish
Bigum Parish
Bjerring Parish
Bjerringbro Parish
Elsborg Parish
Frederiks Parish
Gullev Parish
Hammershøj Parish
Hersom Parish
Hjermind Parish
Hjorthede Parish
What Parish
Højbjerg Parish
Karup Parish
Klejtrup Parish
Kvorning Parish
Låstrup Parish
Lee Parish
Lindum Parish
Lynderup Parish
Løvel Parish
Mammen Parish
Nørre Vinge Parish
Pederstrup Parish
Roum Parish
Rødding Parish
Sahl Parish
Skals Parish
Skjern Parish
Tjele Parish
Ulbjerg Parish
Vammen Parish
Weather Parish
Vester Bjerregrav Parish
Vester Tostrup Parish
Windum Parish
Viskum Parish
Vorning Parish
Orum Parish
Asted Parish
Balling Parish
Brondum-Hvidbjerg Parish
Durup Parish
Fur Parish
Glyngøre Parish
Grinderslev Parish
Gronning Parish
Harre Parish
Hasum Parish
Hjerk Parish
Jebjerg-Lyby Parish
Junget Parish
Krejbjerg Parish
Lem Parish
Lihme Parish
Nautrup Parish
Oddense Parish
Otting Parish
Ramsing Parish
Roslev Parish
Rybjerg Parish
Rodding Parish
Selde Parish
Sæby Parish
Thise Parish
Thorum Parish
Tondering Parish
Vejby Parish
Vile Parish
Volling Parish
Dommerby Parish
Dolby Parish
Egeris Parish
Estvad-Rønbjerg Parish
Home Parish
Hindborg Parish
Hojslev Parish
Kobberup Parish
Lundo Parish
Resen Parish
Skive Parish
Orslevcloster Parish
Orum Parish
Aalestrup Parish
Parish of Aars
Aggersborg Parish
Alstrup Parish
Blære Parish
Farsø Parish
Fjelsø Parish
Flejsborg Parish
Fovlum Parish
Gedsted Parish
Gislum Parish
Giver Parish
Gundersted Parish
Havbro Parish
Hyllebjerg Parish
Kornum Parish
Louns Parish
Løgsted Parish
Løgstør Parish
Malle Parish
Naesborg Parish
Oudrup Parish
Leave Parish
Ranum Parish
Salling Parish
Simested Parish
Skivum Parish
Strandby Parish
Svingelbjerg Parish
Testrup Parish
Ullits Parish
Ulstrup Parish
Vester Hornum Parish
Vesterbølle Parish
Vilsted Parish
Windblæs Parish
Carriage fire Parish
Osterbolle Parish 
Arnborg Parish
Assing Parish
Fasterholt Parish
Peace Parish
Gjellerup Parish
Gullestrup Parish
Hedeager Parish
Herning Parish
Ilderhede Parish
Karstoft Parish
Kollund Parish
Kolkær Parish
Rind Parish
St. John's Parish
Skarrild Parish
Sonder Felding Parish
Aulum Parish
Feldborg Parish
Grove Parish
Haderup Parish
Haunstrup Parish
Hodsager Parish
Ilskov Parish
Novling Parish
Simmelkær Parish
Snejbjerg Parish
Studsgard Parish
Sunds Parish
Timring Parish
Timring-Tiphede Parish
Tiphede Parish
Tjorring Parish
Vildbjerg Parish
Win Parish
Vinding Parish
Ornhoj Parish
Orre-Sinding Parish
Borbjerg Parish
Ejsing Parish
Ellebæk Parish
Handbjerg Parish
Herrup Parish
Hogager Parish
Holstebro Parish
Idom-Råsted Parish
Måbjerg Parish
Mejdal Parish
Mejrup Parish
Naur Parish
Nørre Felding Parish
Nørreland Parish
Ryde Parish
Sahl Parish
Sevel Parish
Sir Parish
Trandum Parish
Tvis Parish
Vinderup Parish
Bovling Parish
Dybe Parish
Engbjerg Parish
Fabjerg Parish
Ferring Parish
Fjältring Parish
Flinder Parish
Gudum Parish
Harboøre Parish
Heldum Parish
Hove Parish
Hygum Parish
Lemvig Parish
Lomborg-Rome Parish
Møborg Parish
Parish of Nees
Nørlem Parish
Nørre Nissum Parish
Frame Parish
Thyborøn Parish
Parish of Trans
Drying Parish
Vandborg Parish
Blahoj Parish
Boarding Parish
Brande Parish
Christianshede Parish
Ejstrup Parish
Engesvang Parish
Faurholt Parish
Fonnesbæk Parish
Gludsted Parish
Grathe Parish
Grønbæk Parish
Hampen Parish
Hinge Parish
Hørup Parish
Ikast Parish
Isenvad Parish
Klovborg Parish
Delivery Parish
Nørre Snede Parish
Skærlund Parish
Thorning Parish
Uhre Parish
Vinderslev Parish
Vium Parish
Asp Parish
Fousing Parish
Gimsing Parish
Hjerm Parish
Hjerm Eastern Parish
Humlum Parish
Hvidbjerg Parish
Jegindø Parish
Lyng Parish
Odby Parish
Resen Parish
Struer Parish
Søndbjerg Parish
Weather Parish
Veno Parish
Olby Parish