Christian Denominations 2024

Diocese of Ribe - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark 2022

Diocese of Ribe     (1)    (2)     (3)
Ribe Cathedral     (1)    (2)     (3)    (4)    360
Bramming Parish
Darum Parish
Farup Parish
Gørding Parish
Hjortlund Parish
Hunderup Parish
Hviding Parish
Jernved Parish
Kalvslund Parish
Mandø Parish
Obbekær Parish
Ribe Dom Parish
Roager Parish
Saint Katharine Parish
Seem Parish
Spandet Parish
Vejrup Parish
Vester Nykirke Parish
Vester Vedsted Parish
Vilslev Parish
Andst Parish
Askov Parish
Åstrup Parish
Brorup Parish
Bække Parish
Folding Parish
Fövling Parish
Gesten Parish
Hjerting Parish
Holsted Parish
Hovborg Parish
Jels Parish
Lindknud Parish
Lintrup Parish
Laeborg Parish
Malt Parish
Rødding Parish
Saint Peter's Parish
Skodborg Parish
Skrave Parish
Stenderup Parish
Sonder Hygum Parish
Veerst Parish
Road Parish
Oster Lindet Parish
Aal Parish
Agerbæk Parish
Alslev Parish
Ansager Parish
Årre Parish
Billum Parish
Blåvandshuk Parish
Fåborg Parish
Her Parish
Hodde Parish
Horne Parish
Janderup Parish
Kvong Parish
Lunde Parish
Lydum Parish
Lonne Parish
Næsbjerg Parish
Nørre Nebel Parish
Ovtrup Parish
Rousthøje Parish
Skovlund Parish
Strellev Parish
Thorstrup Parish
Tistrup Parish
Varde Parish
Vester Starup Parish
Olgod Parish
Ose Parish
Bryndum Parish
Fano Parish
Gjesing Parish
Grimstrup Parish
Grundtvig Parish
Guldager Parish
Hjerting Parish
Hostrup Parish
Iron Parish
Kvaglund Parish
Skads Parish
Sneum Parish
Sædden Parish
Tjæreborg Parish
Trinity Parish
Vester Nebel Parish
Our Saviour's Parish
Zion Parish
Adum Parish
Brejning Parish
Bølling Parish
Dejbjerg Parish
Egvad Parish
Faster Parish
Finderup Parish
Fjelstervang Parish
Hanning Parish
Hemmet Parish
Herborg Parish
Hoven Parish
Lyne Parish
Lønborg Parish
Norre Bork Parish
Norre Omme Parish
Norre Vium Parish
Skjern Parish
Stauning Parish
Sædding Parish
Sønder Bork Parish
Sønder Borris Parish
Sønder Vium Parish
Tarm Parish
Troldhede Parish
Videbæk Parish
Vorgod Parish
Vaggerskilde Parish
Bur Parish
Gammel Parish
Gording Parish
Haurvig Parish
Hee Parish
Hover Parish
Husby Parish
Hvide Sande Parish
Lem Parish
Lyngvig Parish
Madum Parish
No Parish
Ny Parish
Rindum Parish
Ringkobing Parish
Staby Parish
Stadil Parish
Sonder Lem Parish
Sonder Nissum Parish
Tim Parish
Torsted Parish
Ulfborg Parish
Vederso Parish
Velling Parish
Vemb Parish
Olstrup Parish
Farre Parish
Filskov Parish
Gadbjerg Parish
Give Parish
Givskud Parish
Grene Parish
Grindsted Parish
Hejnsvig Parish
Langelund Parish
Lindeballe Parish
Nollund Parish
Nørup Parish
Randbøl Parish
Ringive Parish
Skjoldbjerg Parish
Stenderup Parish
Sonder Omme Parish
Thyregod Parish
Urup Parish
Vester Parish
Vesterhede parish
Vonge Parish
Vorbasse Parish
Vorslunde Parish
Oster Nykirke Parish
Abild Parish
Agerskov Parish
Arrild Parish
Ballum Parish
Bedstead Parish
Branderup Parish
Brede Parish
Brøns Parish
Daler Parish
Døstrup Parish
Emmerlev Parish
Hjerpsted Parish
Hostrup Parish
Højer Parish
Hojst Parish
Logum Monastery Parish
Mjolden Parish
Møgeltønder Parish
Nørre Logum Parish
Randerup Parish
Rejsby Parish
Romo Parish
Skærbæk Parish
Sonder Skas Parish
Tirslund Parish
Toftlund Parish
Tonder Parish
Ubjerg Parish
Visby Parish
Voder Parish