Christian Denominations 2024

Diocese of Aarhus - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark 2022

Diocese of Aarhus     (1)    (2)
Aarhus Dom Parish
Christian Parish
Langenæs Parish
Samso Parish
Saint John Parish
Saint Luke's Parish
Saint Mark's Parish
Saint Paul's Parish
Our Lady Parish
Ega Parish     (1)    (2)     (3)    (4)     360
Elev Parish
Ellevang Parish
Elsted Parish
Hjortshøj Parish
Lisbjerg Parish
Lystrup Parish
Mejlby Parish
Risskov Parish
Skejby Parish
Skelager Parish
Skering Parish
Skødstrup Parish
Inquiry Parish
Todbjerg Parish
Trige Parish
Vejlby Parish
Olsted Parish
Astrup Parish
Beder Parish
Fredens Parish
Holme Parish
Hvilsted Parish
Kolt Parish
Malling Parish
Mårslet Parish
Ormslev Parish
Ravnsbjerg Parish
Skåde Parish
Tiset Parish
Tranbjerg Parish
Tulstrup Parish
Viby Parish
Vitved Parish
Aby Parish
Borum Parish
Brabrand Parish
Fårup Parish
Framlev Parish
Gellerup Parish
Harlev Parish
Hasle Parish
Heligånd's Parish
Kasted Parish
Lyngby Parish
Møllevang Parish
Sabro Parish
Skjoldhøj Parish
Sonder Årslev Parish
Tilst Parish
Alro Parish
Bjerager Parish
Falling Parish
Gosmer Parish
Gylling Parish
Halling Parish
Hundslund Parish
Nølev Parish
Odder Parish
Randlev Parish
Saksild Parish
Torrild Parish
Tuno Parish
Orting Parish
Adslev Parish
Alling Parish
Blegind Parish
Dover Parish
Fruering Parish
Galten Parish
Gammel Rye Parish
Hylke Parish
Hørning Parish
Låsby Parish
Mesing Parish
Ovsted Parish
Ry Parish
Sjelle Parish
Skanderborg Parish
Skivholme Parish
Skjørring Parish
Skovby Parish
Stilling Parish
Stjaer Parish
Storring Parish
Taning Parish
Tulstrup Parish
Veng Parish
Voerladegard Parish
Brædstrup Parish
Endelave Parish
Fövling Parish
Gangsted Parish
Grædstrup Parish
Hansted Parish
Hatting Parish
Kattrup Parish
Kloster parish
Lundum Parish
Nebel Parish
Nim Parish
Sønder Vissing Parish
Sønderbro Parish
Søvind Parish
Tamdrup Parish
Tolstrup Parish
Torsted Parish
Treeden Parish
Tyrsted Parish
Tyrsting Parish
Tønning Parish
Underup Parish
Uth Parish
Vedslet Parish
Our Saviour's Parish
Vaer Parish
Yding Parish
Orridslev Parish
Ostbirk Parish
Alderslyst Parish
Balle Parish
Bryrup Parish
Dallerup Parish
Funder Parish
Gjern Parish
Godvad Parish
Kragelund Parish
Lemming Parish
Linå Parish
Mariehøj Parish
Sejling Parish
Sejs-Svejbæk Parish
Serup Parish
Silkeborg Parish
Sinding Parish
Skannerup Parish
Skorup Parish
Svostrup Parish
Them Parish
Tvilum Parish
Vinding Parish
Virklund Parish
Voel Parish
Vrads Parish
Alum Parish
Arslev Parish
Borup Parish
Enghøj Parish
Essenbæk Parish
Grensten Parish
Haslund Parish
Helstrup Parish
Hornbæk Parish
Hørning Parish
Kousted Parish
Kristrup Parish
Langå Parish
Råsted Parish
Saint Clement Parish
Tånum Parish
Torup Parish
Virring Parish
Vorup Parish
Värum Parish
Olst Parish
Orum Parish
Oster Bjerregrav Parish
Oster Velling Parish
Albaek Parish
Asferg Parish
Dalbyneder Parish
Dalbyover Parish
Dronningborg Parish
Enslev Parish
Fårup Parish
Gassum Parish
Gimming Parish
Gjerlev Parish
Hald Parish
Harridslev Parish
Kastbjerg Parish
Kærby Parish
Lem Parish
Linde Parish
Læsten Parish
Mellerup Parish
Nørbæk Parish
Råby Parish
Sankt Andreas Parish
Saint Mortens Parish
Saint Peter's Parish
Spentrup Parish
Støring Parish
Sødring Parish
Sønderbæk Parish
Second Parish
Ubyneder Parish
Oster Tørslev Parish
Dostrup Parish
Falslev-Vindblæs Parish
Glenstrup Parish
Hem Parish
Hobro Parish
Hvilsom Parish
Hvornum Parish
Horby Parish
Mariager Parish
Norre Onsild Parish
Sem Parish
Skjellerup Parish
Snaebum Parish
Svenstrup Parish
Sonder Onsild Parish
Vester Torslev Parish
Ols Parish
Agri Parish
Fergnet Parish
Ebdrup Parish
Ebeltoft-Dråby-Handrup Parish
Egens Parish
Feldballe Parish
Fuglslev Parish
Halling Parish
Helgenæs Parish
Hornslet Parish
Hvilsager Parish
Hyllested Parish
Knebel Parish
Koed Parish
Kolin Parish
Krogsbæk Parish
Lime Parish
Mary Magdalene Parish
Mygind Parish
Morke Parish
Nimtofte-Tøstrup Parish
Nødager Parish
Rolso Parish
Rosmus Parish
Damage Parish
Skarreso Parish
Skorring Parish
Soby Parish
Thorsager Parish
Tirstrup Parish
Tved Parish
Vistoft Parish
Also Parish
Anholt Parish
Auning Parish
Enslev Parish
Estruplund Parish
Fausing Parish
Fjellerup Parish
Ginnerup Parish
Gjerrild Parish
Gjesing Parish
Glesborg Parish
Grenaa Parish
Hammelev Parish
Hemmed Parish
Hoed Parish
Holbæk Parish
Homa Parish
Karlby Parish
Kastbjerg Parish
Lyngby-Albøge Parish
Norager Parish
Rimso Parish
Stenvad Parish
Uby Parish
Veggerslev Parish
Vejlby-norddjurs Parish
Vejlby-grenaa Parish
Vester Alling Parish
Villersø Parish
Vivild Parish
Voer Parish
Voldby Parish
Orsted Parish
Orum Parish
Oster Alling Parish
Aidt Parish
Foldby Parish
Gerning Parish
Granslev Parish
Grundfor Parish
Hadbjerg Parish
Hadsten Parish
Haldum Parish
Hammel Parish
Haurum Parish
Houlbjerg Parish
Hvorslev Parish
Lading Parish
Laurbjerg Parish
Lerbjerg Parish
Lynga Parish
Rud Parish
Røgen Parish
Sall Parish
Skjod Parish
Sporup Parish
Soby Parish
Soften Parish
Sonder Vinge Parish
Thorso Parish
Ulstrupbro Parish
Vejerslev Parish
Vellev Parish
Vester Velling Parish
Vissing Parish
Vitten Parish
Voldby Parish
Voldum Parish
Odum Parish