Christian Denominations 2024

Uppland Northern - Church of Sweden (Lutheran) 2022

Borstil's church
Forsmark's church
Graso church
Harg's Church
Valo church
Oregrund's church
Osthammar's church
The rectory's chapel
The pastorate's parish home
Nathanael Church
Twelfth Church
Vastland's church
Karlholm's church
Osterlövsta church
Lovstabruk's church
Hallnas church
Skafthammar's church
Hokhuvud's church
Ekeby church
Soderfors church
Tierp's Church
The parish home, Soderfors
Tierpsgarden Church
Skutskars church
Alvkarleby church
Marma church
Dannemora church
Films church
Morkarla church
Osterbybruk church
Vendel's church
Tegelsmora church
Orbyhus church