Christian Denominations 2024

Episcopal Diocese of Taiwan 2022

Diocese of Taiwan     (1)   
St John Cathedral, Taipei    (1)    (2)     (3)    (4)     360
Churches      (1)
Advent Church, New Taipei City
All Saints Church, Kaohsiung City
Christ Church, Taoyuan City
Church of the Leading Star, Taichung City
Good Shepherd Church, Taipei City
Grace Church, Taichung City
Holy Trinity Church, Keelung City
St. Andrew's Church, Kaohsiung City
St James Church, Taichung City
St. Luke's Church, Hualien County
St. Mark's Church, Pingtung County
St Paul Church, Kaohsiung City
St Peters Church, Chiayi City
St. Timothy Church, Kaohsiung City
St. Timothy's Church, Kaohsiung City
St Stephens Mission, Taipei City