Christian Denominations 2024

Diocese of Tampere - Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland 2022

Tampere Cathedral     (1)    (2)    (3)     360     360/
Churches     (1) 
Tampere Etelainen Parish
Messukyla Parish
Cathedral and Harju Parish
Hämeenlinna Deanery
Hämeenlinna-Vanaja Parish
Kalvola Parish
Hauho Parish
Lammi Parish
Hattula Parish
Loppi Parish
Riihimäki Parish
Hausjärvi Parish
County Councilor Sirpa Viherä
Kangasala Deanery
Hameenkyro Parish
Parkano Parish
Sastamala Parish
County Governor Olli-Pekka Silfverhuth
Tammela Deanery
Tammela Parish
Jokioinen Parish
County Governor Esa Loytomaki in Fors
Bishop, Matti Repo      (1)    (2)