Christian Denominations 2024

Archdiocese of Canada - Orthodox Church in America (OCA) 2022

Archdiocese of Canada        (1)    (2)     (3)  
Annunciation Cathedral, Ottawa     (1)    (2)     (3)    (4)     360
Parishes     (1)
St. Nicholas Mission - Barrie, Ontario
St. Maria of Paris Mission - Hamilton, Ontario
St. Gregory of Nyssa Church - Kingston, Ontario
St. Mary and Holy Martyrs Brancoveanu Church - Kitchener, Ontario
St. Seraphim Church - Richmond Hill, Ontario
Christ the Saviour Sobor - Toronto, Ontario
Holy Myrrhbearers Mission - Toronto, Ontario
Hermitage of St. Anthony the Great - Westport, Ontario
St. John the Divine Church - Windsor, Ontario
St. John in the Wilderness Orthodox Sanctuary - Birchdale, British Columbia
Holy Apostles Mission Station - Chilliwack, British Columbia
Holy Apostle Barnabas Mission - Comox Valley, British Columbia
St. Aidan of Lindisfarne Church - Cranbrook, British Columbia
All Saints of North America Monastery - Dewdney, British Columbia
Holy Theophany Mission Station - Gibsons, British Columbia
St. Nicholas Mission - Kamloops, British Columbia
Nativity of the Theotokos Mission Station - Kaslo, British Columbia
St. Michael the Archangel Mission Station - Kelowna, British Columbia
St. Herman of Alaska Church - Langley, British Columbia
Holy Transfiguration Hermitage - Lone Butte, British Columbia
Sobor of the Holy Resurrection - Vancouver, British Columbia
St. John of Shanghai Mission - Vancouver, British Columbia
All Saints of Alaska (St. Arseny of Konevits) Church - Victoria, British Columbia
St. Alexander Nevsky Mission - Victoria, British Columbia
St. John the Baptist Chapel & Cemetery - Endeavour, Saskatchewan
St. Andrew the First-Called Mission - Canora, Saskatchewan
Holy Trinity Cemetery Chapel - Hampton, Saskatchewan
St. Basil Chapel & Cemetery - Gorlitz, Saskatchewan
Holy Trinity Church - Kayville, Saskatchewan
St. Demetrius Chapel and Cemetery - Lady Lake, Saskatchewan
All Saints Church - Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Holy Trinity Church - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
St. Michael the Archangel Church - Montmartre, Saskatchewan
Holy Ascension Cemetery - Rhein, Saskatchewan
Holy Assumption Chapel & Cemetery - Rhein, Saskatchewan
St. Elias Cemetery - Rhein, Saskatchewan
SS. Peter and Paul Church - Saint Walburg, Saskatchewan
Sobor of the Holy Resurrection - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Holy Assumption Chapel and Cemetery - Stenen, Saskatchewan
Holy Trinity Cemetery - Sturgis, Saskatchewan
St. Michael Chapel & Cemetery - Veregin, Saskatchewan
St. Mark the Evangelist Church - Yorkton, Saskatchewan
SS. Peter and Paul Church - Bonnyville, Alberta
SS. Peter and Paul Church - Dickie Bush, Alberta
SS. Peter and Paul Church - Chahor, Alberta
Holy Martyr Peter the Aleut Church - Calgary, Alberta
Nativity of the Holy Virgin Church - Kysylew, Alberta
Holy Trinity Church - Edmonton, Alberta
Sobor of St. Herman of Alaska - Edmonton, Alberta
Christ the King Mission - Edmonton, Alberta
St. Nicholas Church - Desjarlais, Alberta
Holy Transfiguration Church - North Bank, Alberta
St. Elias Church - Pakan, Alberta
St. Michael Church - Peno, Alberta
St. Michael the Archangel Church - Sachava, Alberta
Holy Trinity Church - Smoky Lake, Alberta
Hermitage of Prophet Elias - Smoky Lake County, Alberta
Holy Transfiguration Church - Star, Alberta
Holy Trinity Church - Stary Wostok, Alberta
Holy Assumption Church - Shandro, Alberta
Holy Trinity Church - Sunland, Alberta
St. Nicholas Museum Chapel - Tofield, Alberta
St. John the Baptist Cemetery - Wahstao , Alberta
Holy Ascension Church - Wasel, Alberta
St. Nickolas Church - Wostok-Bukovina, Alberta
St. Demetrius Church & Cemetery - Gardenton, Manitoba
St. Lavrentius the Martyr Church & Cemetery - Minitonas, Manitoba
St. Nicholas Church - Narol, Manitoba
Christ the Saviour Mission Station - Winkler, Manitoba
Holy Ascension Monastery Cemetery - Sifton, Manitoba
St. Nicholas Church - Sandy Lake, Manitoba
Holy Trinity Sobor - Winnipeg, Manitoba
St. Vladimir, Prince of Kiev Church - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hermitage of the Annunciation - New Germany, Nova Scotia
Holy Ascension Cemetery & Chapel - Hubbard/Goodeve
St. Sergius of Radonezh Chapel - Lac Labelle, Quebec
St. Dimitri Mission - Laval, Quebec
SS. Peter and Paul Sobor - Montréal, Quebec
The Sign of the Theotokos Church - Montréal, Quebec
Presentation of the Mother of God in the Temple Mission - Montréal (Verdun), Quebec
St. Hilaire de Poitiers Mission Station - Quebec, Quebec
Holy Trinity Church - Quebec City, Quebec
Communaute Monastique de St. Seraphim de Sarov - Rawdon, Quebec
St. Seraphim Church - Rawdon, Quebec
St. Seraphim Cemetery - Rawdon, Quebec
St. Seraphim Skete - Rawdon, Quebec
St. Benoît de Nursie Church - Saint Laurent, Quebec
Holy Dormition of Most Holy Theotokos Mission Station - Sherbrooke, Quebec
St. Nikolai Bishop of Zhitsa Mission - Whitehorse, Yukon
Holy Lady of Vladimir Mission Station - Newfoundland and Labrador