Christian Denominations 2024

World Council of Churches (Baptist, Methodist) 2021

Baptist Churches
 Community of Baptist Churches in Central Africa
 Evangelical Baptist Church in Angola
 Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda (AEBR)
Native Baptist Church of Cameroon
 Church of Christ in Congo - Baptist Community of Congo 
 Church of Christ in Congo - Protestant   
 Baptist Church in Africa / Episcopal Baptist Community in Africa
 Bengal-Orissa-Bihar Baptist Convention - India
 Samavesam of Telugu Baptist Churches
 African Methodist Episcopal Church
Iglesia Metodista En Cuba (Cuba Methodist Church)    Facebook
 Methodist Church of Chile
 Methodist Church of Peru
 Methodist Church of Puerto Rico
 Methodist Church in Brazil
 Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina 
 Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia
 Methodist Church Sierra Leone
 Methodist Church of Uruguay
 Methodist Church of Togo
 Protestant Methodist Church of Benin 
 Methodist Church in Indonesia
The Pacific