Christian Denominations 2024

Community of Christ - Leadership 2024

Quorum 1 - Central and West Africa Mission Field
Quorum 2 - South Central Asia Mission Field
Quorum 3 - Support with Quorum 3 and special assignment for Congregational Innovation and Leadership 
Quorum 3 - USA Mission Fields
President, John S. Wight, Senior President of Seventy
Quorum 7 - Central and South America Mission Field
Quorum 8 - Canada Mission Field and Caribbean and Mexico-Texas Mission Field
President, John F. Glaser

Quorum 10 - Eurasia Mission Field
President, Larry M. McGuire
Quorum 5 - Support with Quorum 5 and special assignment for Restoration Heritage Seeker Ministries; secretary of council.
President, Karin F. Peter
Quorum 9 - Pacifikasia Mission Field
President, Adam R. Wade