Christian Denominations 2024

Lutheran World Federation (LWF) - Asia 2023

South East Asia
The Indonesian Christian Church (HKI)
Christian Communion of Indonesia Church in Nias (Gereja AMIN)
Christian Protestant Church in Indonesia (GKPI)
Indonesian Christian Lutheran Church (GKLI)
Batak Christian Community Church (GPKB) - Indonesia
Christian Protestant Angkola Church (GKPA) - Indonesia 
Pakpak Dairi Christian Protestant Church (GKPPD) - Indonesia  
Protestant Christian Church in Mentawai (GKPM) - Indonesia 
The Protestant Christian Church (BNKP) - Indonesia
The United Protestant Church (GPP) - Indonesia  
Gutnius Lutheran Church - Papua New Guinea
 North East Asia
Taiwan Lutheran Church 
The Lutheran Church of Taiwan (Republic of China)
The Lutheran Church of the Republic of China 
West and South Asia
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Myanmar (Lutheran Bethlehem Church)
Lutheran Church of Myanmar
Myanmar Lutheran Church