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Nature of Christ Blog 6

Divinity of Christ

Blog 6

The Evangelists illustrated the figure of Jesus as both a miracle worker and the Almighty God who has authority over the whole universe. Christ can do everything that God can do with no exception.

If God knows all of the thoughts of all the people everywhere, both hidden and manifest, then Jesus knew the thoughts of the Jews who criticized Him secretly when He healed the man who had the withered hand (Luke 6:8).
If God can rebuke Satan, then Jesus rebuked an unclean demon from a man in the synagogue (Luke 4:33-35).
If God has the power to raise the dead, then Jesus raised the son of the widow of Nain on his way to be buried (Luke 7:14).
If nature submits to God, then Jesus ordered the raging sea to became calm (Luke 8:24).
If God feeds His people, then Jesus fed the multitude who listened to His sermon (Luke 9:12-17).
If God has the power to do miracles and heal the diseases of the people, then Jesus healed the leper (Matthew 8:2).
If God created Adam from the dust of the ground, then Jesus created the eyes of the blind man (John 9:6).
If God is Omniscient, then Jesus knows all things (John 18:4).