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Nature of Christ Blog 5

Humanity of Christ

Blog 5

The argument about the nature of Christ was initiated among Christians because of the illustration of the figure of Christ in the New testament, especially in the four gospels. The four Evangelists described Jesus as a full man who performed and felt all human activities. Simultaneously, Jesus can do what God can do.
Christ can do everything any human can do except sin, “Which of you convicts Me of sin?” (John 8:46).

Concerning the acts of the body (He experienced all forms of necessity during his earthly life)
If you can eat, then Jesus can be hungry after fasting forty days and forty nights (Matthew 4:2).
If you can feel thirst, then Jesus also can while He was on the cross before giving up His spirit (John 19:28-30).
If you grow every day in your body, soul, and spirit, then Jesus also did during His incarnation on earth, "The Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him" (Luke 2:40).
If you can pray, then Jesus prayed on the mountain by Himself (Matthew 14:23).
If you can bend your knee and touch your head to the ground to worship God, then Jesus did, "He went a little farther and fell on His face, and prayed" (Matthew 26:39).

Concerning the acts of the soul
If you can feel pain, then Jesus can when He was being scourged by Pilate (Matthew 27:26).
If you can cry, then Jesus can cry in front of Lazarus's tomb (John 11:35).
If you can be tempted by Satan, then Jesus was tempted on the mount after His fast (Matthew 4:1).
If you can groan, then Jesus groaned in the spirit and was troubled (John 11:33).
If you must die, then Jesus died on the cross (Luke 23:46).

The Word accepted the incarnation. Therefore, He also accepted the consequences of the incarnation.


  1. Yes, it is amazing that our God has experienced everything that we have because it makes him even more relatable and crucial in our lives.

  2. Yes this way makes us more close to him


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