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Nature of Christ Blog 3

God the creator

Blog 3

Some say that God's behavior changed from before to after the creation.

Before creation, there was no time, no place, no human being, no plants, no water, no material, no oxygen, and no air. Therefore, God was described as Omnipresent (everywhere at the same time) and He needed no one in His miracle existence.

After creation, we can now trace God by using our time and place to describe Him. Despite our efforts to describe Him, we will not be able to truly capture His unique essence. We can, however, state that in the first moment of creation (The year one of creation), God creates His first creation, the material to replace the empty void. Then He creates in sequence the following: Heaven, earth, waters (Oceans, seas, and rivers), sea creatures, plants, animals, and lastly, the first man and woman.

In fact, God has both features. He is Omnipresent in His very essence. At the same time, He is very personal to us as He appeared and talked with Adam in a specific location and at a precise time in  paradise (Genesis 2:16).

When God created His creation, He was presented in a new form as He was then portrayed as a Creator. We would not have been able to recognize Him as a Creator before because we did not exist yet.

Many argue concerning when we should call God the creator. Does that time start exactly from the moment of creation? Or does it include the period from negative infinity to the moment of creation going forth?