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Nature of Christ Blog 26

Agreement between Easter and Oriental Orthodox

Blog 26

These common beliefs between Chalcedonians and non-Chalcedonians led to some recent agreements represented by the Eastern Orthodox (Chalcedonians) and Oriental Orthodox (non-Chalcedonians) which began with informal consultations between them. The joint statement issued in University of Aarhus in Denmark (1964) declared, 
“We recognize in each other the one Orthodox faith of the church. Fifteen centuries of alienation have not led us astray from the faith of our fathers.... On the essence of the Christological dogma we found ourselves in full agreement. Through the different terminologies used by each side, we found the same truth expressed.” [1] 
In the same year, both Leo and Dioscorus declared to be Orthodox because they agreed with St Cyril of A1exandria. [2]

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