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Nature of Christ Blog 17

Doctrine of full Divinity and full Humanity of Christ (2)

Blog 17

Tertullian (160-220 CE) stated, “The nature of the two substances displayed Him as man and God in one respect born, in the other unborn, …, in one sense weak, in the other exceeding strong; in one sense dying, in the other living. This property of the two states, the divine and the human, is distinctly asserted with equal truth of both natures alike.”
Tertullian: On the Flesh of Christ,

St. Gregory Thaumturgus (213-270 CE) said, "Since some have given us trouble by attempting to subvert our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and by affirming of Him that He was not God incarnated, but a man linked with God. We present our confession that God, having been incarnated in the flesh of man, retains also His proper energy pure, possessing a mind unsubjected by the natural and fleshly affections, and holding the flesh and the fleshly motions divinely and sinlessly, and not only unmastered by the power of death, but even destroying death. And it is the true God unincarnate that has appeared incarnate, the perfect One with the genuine and divine perfection ... who is the true Son of God by nature, and the Son of man according to the flesh."
(A Sectional Confession of Faith) (Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol 06 P.110)