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One Nature or Two Natures

Blog 1
Harmony between Chalcedonians and Non- Chalcedonians about Nature of Christ

Are there one or two natures of Christ?

Christians were divided into two groups based on their belief on the nature of Christ.
The First group believes in two natures of Christ, and they are represented by the Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox  church. They are the majority of Christians around the world as their total number adds up to around 1200 million.
The Second group believes in one nature of Christ, and they are called the Oriental Orthodox. They are only represented by five churches in five countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Armenia, and India. Their total number is approximately 70 million.

Is there a way for the Oriental Orthodox Church to agree with the rest of Christians, since they are larger in number. Or can the rest of the Christians understand the point of view of the Oriental Orthodox?
Many will say that Christ either has one nature or two natures, but He cannot have both. Therefore, one of the two groups will be right and the other wrong.
Still, some will argue that both groups are correct and that their only difference is their use of terminologies as they both express the same dogma.


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