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Harmony between the verses of the Bible (Chronicles and kings)

Harmony between the verses of the Bible

One Verse is Not Enough

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Harmony between Chronicles and kings

1- Chronicles records the story of the kings of Judah, while Kings wrote the history of the kings of both Judah and Israel.
2- Chronicles is not concerned with the civil affairs but its focus is on building the temple, celebrating feasts, and renewing the Covenant. On the other hand, Kings lists the lives of the kings, their orders, and if they evil or righteous.
3- Chronicles was written in a later time period than kings. Chronicles is post exilic during the time of Judah’s restoration to the land, so the authors of Chronicles add some explanations to the same stories.
“The author of Chronicles described Israel as ancient and superior nation governed by a faithful God, not mere earthly kings, and explain how the Israelites can remain in the correct relationship with their divine ruler so that their continued survival will be assured”[1].

[1]     Ron Bruner, “Harmony and Historiography: Genre as a tool for understanding the difference between Samuel-Kings and Chronicles,” Journal of American Theological Library association, 80-90.