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Harmony between the verses of the Bible (Samuel, kings, and Chronicles)

Harmony between the verses of the Bible

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Harmony between Samuel, kings, and Chronicles

1- The authors of 1&2 Samuel gave details about Samuel the prophet and how he chose Saul as the first king. It also explains how Saul sinned in God’s eyes, as a result, God rejected Saul by giving the throne to David. Lastly, it talks about the life of David: his wars, sons, and kingship.
2- The authors of 1&2 Kings gave details about the last days of David. Solomon, his son, became the king. Then Solomon’s son divided the kingdom. Finally, the lives of the kings of Judah and kings of Israel are included.
3- The authors of 1&2 Chronicles gave details about the genealogy of the Israelites from Adam until King David. It also mentioned the twelve tribes and how the land was distributed among them in Canaan. Another main topic was their established kingdom by: Samuel the prophet, the first king Saul, David who unite the whole kingdom of Israel, Solomon who built the temple, and all the other kings of Judah (continuation of David kingdom).
There is no overlap between 1&2 Samuel and 1&2 Kings, however, there is an intersection between 1&2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles as well between 1&2 King and 2 Chronicles.