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Contemplation Blog 5

Contemplation of St. Augustine (5)

Blog 5

I am similar to other human beings on earth! With what language do You want me to speak to You, O my Creator?! I beg You to graciously listen to me

“Now therefore, our God, hear the prayer of Your servant, and his supplications” (Daniel 9:17)

I am the product of Your hands

Your hands have made me and fashioned me, An intricate unity” (Job 10:8)

And my destruction is fearsome! I am your creation, and You hear me rolling down towards the void! If I have any existence, you are the One who brought me into being .

Your hands have molded me and fashioned me” (Ps. 119: 73)
"The Lord God ... breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being" (Genesis 2:7)

Fr. Tadros Y. Malaty, God is my Paradise: Divine Love 1 (St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church, NJ, 1995)